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Tasty Tilapia Tops the Table

March 5, 2012

Today, the snow is falling and it looks like we are well into Winter 2.0 this year, if that’s possible. Jilly’s mind has left the kitchen and is thinking of warm places she’s been. And, good food in warm places…             

Delicious seafood always tastes better at its source and none the moreso while on a recent trip to Florida

Our friend Roger introduced us to Puerto Rican Tilapia, fresh from the docks. You can find imported tilapia in most grocery stores now. The fresher, the better. If a selection of fish smells “fishy”, it’s not fresh and not suitable for your guests. Nothing tops up tilapia like citrus, so experiment with lemons, oranges, grapefruit and lime.

We took in a small museum near Vero Beach that tells the story of how citrus came to be a leading export of Florida’s. Spanish  sailors were required by Spanish law to carry one hundred orange seeds with them when they sailed, and when they touched down in the New World the seeds were spewed all over, gradually developing into orange groves. It is said that the local natives (the Ais Indians – pronounced ‘ice’) were the ones who organized the growth into rows using shells as trowels.

Roger Bacon’s Puerto Rican Grilled Tilapia Fish Special

4 large fillets Puerto Rican tilapia (or any light salt water fish like red snapper)

Old Bay lemon & herb seafood seasoning and Montreal Steak “la Grille” seasoning or Old Savannah seafood seasoning – sprinkle generously over fillets

Top with a little olive oil and if desired, a small scattering of smashed garlic

Squeeze fresh orange or grapefruit over fillets and top with quartered chunks of oh-so-good Florida grapefruit

Broil for 10-12 minutes until fish just begins to get a little crusty

Serve with Zatarain’s black beans & rice, tossed salad and fresh buns

And, of course, a good bottle of chilled white wine. YUMMM!!!

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  1. anaslense permalink

    I thin I will try it this week! Thanks for the recipe! 🙂

  2. Glad you like the recipe, I hope you enjoy this. In Alberta we get most of our grapefruit from Texas, actually. I just flipped out eating fresh Florida grapefruit while we were there. Once we got home I was cooking with citrus for weeks, including fish dishes. It was like a totally new discovery for me. That’s one of the things I like about travel is discovering new ways to cook and present food.

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