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Pumping it Up in the Kitchen with Jilly

May 5, 2012

Olive Oil Spray Bottle – A Must Have for Summer Salads

Maybe this idea has been around for a while but I only heard of it just recently and thought it a fine idea to incorporate into my kitchen repertoire – a spray bottle for olive oil. Instead of using that commercial product – you know – it starts with “P” and ends with “am”, cooks have been recommending a spray bottle.

The hunt was on.

Well, I could have used a plastic garden-type spray bottle that I use on my plants or when ironing, but that just didn’t seem to fit the bill – certainly do-able, but a little inelegant. And what if I mixed up the water spray with the olive oil spray? Oooh – disaster!

Out shopping the other day, I found this lovely glass model. It has an air injection pump where you simply push down on the pump a few times to build up a little air pressure and then spray your salad or muffin tins or what have you that needs a fine coating of oil and voila! Easy peasy – and no additional chemicals. Keep the bottle in the fridge after first use, just so the oil doesn’t go rancid – as oils tend to when kept on the shelf for too long. This is a fantastic start to summer salads, where you just spray a little oil on your greens and add a splash of your favourite balsamic vinegar, a few slices of garlic and you have a quick and delicious salad.

From my house to yours – enjoy!


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One Comment
  1. Ive got one of these too. Brilliant. I never thought about using it on salads but I will have to give it a try 🙂

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