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There’s Summer Rum and then There’s Winter Rum

November 12, 2012

…and Bobby knows how to make a good rum toddy to get through the absolute Arctic chill of the great white north. He doesn’t have a photo but a smile. This toddy comes with a little bit of a surprise, as do all of our recipes. 

A full mug is needed for this one, in which you combine the following: 

For each toddy, first boil the kettle for a good 4-6 oz of hot water.

Measure out 2 oz of Appleton Estate Jamaican rum – it’s zee best Mon, no worries, here ever tin’ Aerie

Add a pinch of cloves, a pinch of ginger, a double pinch of nutmeg, and a triple pinch of cinnamon, then a small blob of butter.

Stir, enjoy, sip and savour, and think of green palms swaying and warm ocean breezes playing while the snow piles high in the back yard and — Jilly thinks she has a photo to add to this reverie… hmm… coming soon.  

Ah yes – here it is. A sight in the beautiful splendiferous island of St. Kitts and where we need to go in our minds sometimes as we face the great white north that will preside here for months yet. Sigh…




And, simply count your blessings that we can stay cool in the summer and oh so warm in the winter – wit a little bit of rum.

From Jilly’s house to yours – drink up & enjoy!

Bobby smile:)

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