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Beef and Barley Mushroom Veggie Soup

September 28, 2014

Beef & Barley Mushroom Soup
It’s coming to that time of year. A big bowl of nutritious beef & barley soup with mushrooms and lots of veggies and flavour will keep you warm!

½ of a large pack of stewing beef from Costco (Triple AAA – the best)
S & P
Olive oil
Worcestershire sauce
2-3 Bay leaves
2-3 garlic cloves
3 c. beef bouillon
Use Costco’s “Organic Better than Beef Bouillon”
Dissolve one large tablespoon of the above in 3 c. boiling water.

Cut the meat into smaller pieces. Lightly sauté garlic in olive oil 1-2 minutes. (Apparently, this helps bring out the flavour of the garlic better – to do this, before adding anything else). Add the stewing beef and sauté until just browned. Add a generous splash of Worcestershire sauce, 2-3 bay leaves, and S&P. Transfer the meat to a crock-pot and add the 3 c. bouillon. Allow to simmer for ~ 2 hours until meat is tender.

Pre-cook ¾ c. barley x 5-7 minutes. Take it off the stove not fully cooked. It will continue to cook in the crock-pot. Add the water the barley was cooked in as this contains a good deal of nutrition.

1-2 small onions – chopped
1 c. chopped celery and leaves
2-3 garlic cloves – mashed
2-3 Tbsp. olive oil
Sauté the above for just a few minutes then set aside.

Next, chop and prepare a mixture of vegetables. Any of these portions can vary. It will just depend on what you have on hand and what your preference is. Do not be afraid to experiment with – say – different kinds of mushrooms or varied amounts of any of the veggies.

(Tip: when I cut a tomato and don’t use it all, I cut the remainder into smaller chunks and freeze it. I can then throw it into pasta sauces or soup and don’t waste the tomato. They’ve really not worth saving fresh unless you really do plan to use them within hours.)

1 c. frozen tomatoes or 1 can chopped/diced tomatoes
1 package white button mushrooms, chopped and quartered
1 package frozen mixed vegetables (carrots, corn, peas, snap peas)
½ package frozen spinach or kale

Transfer the meat to a larger crock-pot. (Yes – I happen to have two. Both serve me well when it comes to a variety of dishes). Add the onions, garlic, & celery. Add the frozen vegetables, except the kale or spinach. Cook on high for ~ 2 hours, then add the kale or spinach and seasonings: ½ – 1 tsp. each of dried thyme, rosemary, marjoram, parsley and a little more salt & pepper. Continue to cook on low for another 2 hours, then serve with fresh baked buns. Freeze the remainder, if any leftovers. It will keep well.

From Jilly’s kitchen to yours:) Enjoy!

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